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Who am i most like?


Age: 17
Height: 5'1
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Likes: Music, internet, tennis, dancing, laughing, my friends etc.
Dislikes: Homework, arrogance, narrow minded people etc.
Talents/Hobbies: i can't really think of any distinct talents i have...running?
Strengths: Hard Working (most of the time anyway)
Weaknesses: Indecisive


Color: Pink
Food: Pizza, Chocolate...generally anything that's unhealthy (lol).
Drink: Water, Orange Juice
Season: Summer
Animal: Dog
Pass time: Watching telly, listening to music, surfing the net
Time of Day: Afternoon-Night
Movies: The Butterfly Effect, Bring It On, Grease
Bands:  Yellowcard, Crashpalace, Grinspoon, Linkin Park (of course) and if i may include singers; Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue and Michelle Branch


Summarize yourself in one word: Perfectionist

Which element (earth, water, wind, fire) would you say you most identify with? Hmm...perhaps earth

Which mood would you say you’re most often in?: Happy/ Stressed

How easily do you forgive someone?: Quite easily

Are you more secretive, or open-book?: Somewhere in the middle

Are you more shy or outgoing?: Shy

More optimistic or pessimistic?:Pessimistic

More energetic or generally tired?: Energetic

How much of your past would you like to change/do over again? None

What would you say your greatest fear(s) is?: At the moment, not knowing what i want to do next year when i've finished school.

Would you say you’re more of a loner, or a people-person?: A people-person but like everyone i have my loner moments.

How arrogant would you say you are?: Not at all.

If someone said something rude to you, would you walk away from it or carry it further?: I'd keep my mouth shut and walk away from it. If it was my sister who said it though, it would of course be carried on further (lol).

How do you feel about your family?: They're great!!

How important is money to you?: Basically i need it to buy things but its not overly important to me yet, i'm sure it will be in several years though.

What would say your biggest plans/dreams are?: My dream is to get an awesome score at the end of the school year so that all of the work i've put into school over the years would have actually paid off. Furthermore, when i'm older I would love to go on a holiday to America.

+The Band+

What are your top five favourite Linkin Park songs and why?:
In the End: i love everything about this song. It has great lyrics and it was the song that got me interested in the band.
Papercut: i love the tune and it's really energetic.
Somewhere I Belong: this is the song that really got me hooked on Linkin Park.
Wth>You: lately, for some reason, i've been fascinated by this song, it's definitely because of the tune.
....eeek, this is really difficult choosing a fifth favourite, but i'll have to go with...
Crawling: The tune is great and i really like the song as a whole.

What is your favourite Linkin Park album and why?: Hybrid Theory as it's the one that i find myself listening to most.

What's your favourite LP music video and why? Definitely the Papercut video. I find it really intersting as you have to watch it several times to pick up all the detail.

Who is your favourite member of the band and why?: This is quite difficult i dont't think i can choose just one. But i think i lean more towards either Chester or Pheonix because i find them both really funny.

Short, slim, hazel eyes, long hair that is mostly brown on top with blonde through it and underneath a really dark brown colour.

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