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Age:15. 16 in September
Astrological sign: Virgo
Likes: Music, art, drawing, internet, livejournal....
Dislikes: Being bored/annoyed at the stupidest things.
Talents/Hobbies: people tell me I'm a good drawer *shrug* I'm okay. I only grid draw though =\ My hobbies are listening to music going online... yeah.
Strengths:Listening to people.
Weaknesses:Procrastination haha.


Blue & Green. I've taken a liking to Grey too.
Drink: Water! Soda: Dr. Pepper
Season:Fall. I love the color of the leaves and the weather
Animal: Cats.
Pass time:Listening to Music and reading/being online/playing cards
Time of Day: Midday
Movies: Harry Potter, Random Lifetime movies =X, Disney movies!
Bands: LP, Grey Daze, Green Day, The postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Billy Talent, Cake


Summarize yourself in one word: Weird.

Which element (earth, water, wind, fire) would you say you most identify with? I'm usualy a calm person then I have my burts of energy/anger

Which mood would you say you’re most often in?: Calmish/Happy

How easily do you forgive someone?: Pretty easy, unless it was something terrible and you kept doing it.

Are you more secretive, or open-book?: Open-book. I tell people lots of things. Even if I just met them haha.

Are you more shy or outgoing?: Shy, but if you befriend me, outgoing.

More optimistic or pessimistic?: Pessimistic =\

More energetic or generally tired?: Energetic.

How much of your past would you like to change/do over again?: Not much. But a couple small things

What would you say your greatest fear(s) is?: Death or Lonliness.

Would you say you’re more of a loner, or a people-person?: As I said up there ^ if you be friend me I talk to ya. If I don't know you, you will see me as a loner

How arrogant would you say you are?:Not very. I don't think highly of myself.

If someone said something rude to you, would you walk away from it or carry it further?:Probably walk away. I don't have the guts to carry it further

How do you feel about your family?: They can drive me crazy (like most famlies) But I love 'em

How important is money to you?: oooh. Very hard subject with me. It's not important, until my family needs it.

What would say your biggest plans/dreams are?: I really want to be an interior designer. I want to go to ASU soooo bad. I love Arizona. My uncle lives there so I would have a place to live =)

+The Band+

What are your top five favourite Linkin Park songs and why?:
Oh man.... Pushing me away, Papercut, Crawling, One Step Closer and.... In the End.... I don't know why. *shrug*..

What is your favourite Linkin Park album and why?: Hybrid Theory... my top 5 are all from it haha. I dunno. I like Meteora (and reanimation) but I like Hybrid Theory better... *shrug*

What's your favourite LP music video and why? Numb! I like the storyline with the song. It fits.

Who is your favourite member of the band and why?: Chester. I dunno. It's not because I think his "OMG HOTTTZZZ" I like his voice & his past intrests me too. Not in a good way of course.


(If you have none or if you don’t feel comfortable with posting pictures online, you can just type out a description of what you look like instead.): If you have the time, look in my userinfo =)
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