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Name: Patricia
Age: 17
Height: 5'6
Astrological sign: Pieces
Likes: Poetry ;; Music ;; Theathre ;; Art ;; Dancing ;; Dogeball ;; Movies
Dislikes: Ignorance ;; Bush ;; Lies
Talents/Hobbies: I write poetry/spoken word/slams ;; Painting ;; Video games
Strengths: I am able to express myself ;; Open minded ;; Funny
Weaknesses: Love ;; Letting go ;; Forgetting


Color: Green
Food: Pizza ;; Craibbean food ;; Chinese food
Drink: Red bull ;; Viiteman water ;; Orange soda
Season: Winter
Animal: Dogs ;; Monkies ;; Fish
Pass time: Sleep ;; Writing ;; Video games ;; Cartoons
Time of Day: Night
Movies: Meet the Fockers ;; Requim ;; Dogeball ;; Scarface ;; Man on Fire ;; The Longest Yard ;; Mr. & Mrs. Smith ;; Disney
Bands: LP ;; MCR ;; JEW ;; 50 cent & G-unit ;; Run DMC ;; Jay-z ;; Nas ;; Killswitch ;; Blink ;; Kenna ;; Box Car ;; Eminem


Summarize yourself in one word:

Which element (earth, water, wind, fire) would you say you most identify with? Water

Which mood would you say you’re most often in?: Laid back

How easily do you forgive someone?: I can forgive but I never forget which makes it hard for me to forgive in the first place. But i always tell people that I forgive them when I really don't.

Are you more secretive, or open-book?: Open-book

Are you more shy or outgoing?: Outgoing

More optimistic or pessimistic?: Optimistic

More energetic or generally tired?: Energetic

How much of your past would you like to change/do over again?: I wouldn't change anything cause its helped me be who i am now. Everything happens for a reason

What would you say your greatest fear(s) is?: Not being a good parent

Would you say you’re more of a loner, or a people-person?: People-person

How arrogant would you say you are?: I'm not at all ... not even a little

If someone said something rude to you, would you walk away from it or carry it further?: Depends on what they said. I usually walk away but if its something about my family or friends i would just punch them in the face but if its about me my finger does all the talking.

How do you feel about your family?: I love my family but i don't get along with many of the females at all. But my brother, uncles, make and some female cousins are just amazing.

How important is money to you?: Not important at all

What would say your biggest plans/dreams are?: To be a well known Poet and own my own Publising House

+The Band+

What are your top five favourite Linkin Park songs and why?:
"Step Up" Because it really shows Mike skills as a MC 

4. "Enth E Nd" Its my fav. remake on Reanimation I just find it amazing

3. "Myself" It just describes the battles I face every day

2. " Jigga What/Faint " Its just fuckin amazing. I have to drive with it on .. get mix

1. "A Place for My Head" my fav song in the whole word because of the words and beat. Its something that gets you pumped up .. amazing
What is your favourite Linkin Park album and why?: Most likely Reanimation because I love the remix and got to show new artist. Its just very different and the remixes are just amazing

What's your favourite LP music video and why? Points of Authority because it has live footage and it just makes me happy to see it. I love videos like that .. really shows them like without make up and them just rockin out.

Who is your favourite member of the band and why?: Mike because i just respect him as an artist. His a rapper, produce, painter/drawer his just amazing at whatever he does.


<center><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v126/Patty_boom/e8f9419f.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com"></center>

<center><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v126/Patty_boom/abc51c45.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com"></center>

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