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Name: Jaanelle
Age: 14
Height: 5 feet or so.
Astrological sign: Gemini
Likes: Starbucks, movies, music, theater.
Dislikes: Homophobes, ignorance, discrimination, attention whores.
Talents/Hobbies: Making music videos, playing guitar & keyboards, and.. um.. making music videos is pretty much the only thing I can do well.
Strengths: I don't change myself to fit other's standards, I listen when people open themselves up to me, and I try my best to make people laugh and have fun.
Weaknesses: I'm lazy and procrastinate WAY TOO MUCH, I have trouble focusing on things, I hardly open myself to anyone (even though I listen to their problems) and bottle up what I'm feeling inside (which can't be good), I try to be confident, but I get insecure very easily.


Color: Shiny. That's not a color? Silver, then.
Food: Sushi. It's exotic and refreshing.
Drink: Starbucks Coffee. I'm an addict.
Season: Summer because school is out and I love the heat.
Animal: Cheetah.
Pass time: Surfing the internet, making music videos, anything on the computer.
Time of Day: Sunrise.
Movies: Fight Club, The Evil Dead, Interview with the Vampire, The Machinist, The Crow, Dogma, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Amityville Horror, Lord of the Rings.
Bands: The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, White Zombie, A Perfect Circle, Lacuna Coil, Chemical Brothers, Dirty Vegas, Blondie, Evanescence, AFI, and (even though they're solo artists) Madonna and Nelly.


Summarize yourself in one word: BOOM!

Which element (earth, water, wind, fire) would you say you most identify with?: Fire.

Which mood would you say you’re most often in?: Lonely.

How easily do you forgive someone?: Depends. If it's a friend, in a heart beat. If not, I can hold grudges unless they truly want to be forgiven.

Are you more secretive, or open-book?: I like to be open.

Are you more shy or outgoing?: I am extremely outgoing once I get comfortable around people.

More optimistic or pessimistic?: I try my best to be optimistic.

More energetic or generally tired?: Energetic. I'm extremely inactive when I'm not with friends, but it's because I'm lazy not tired.

How much of your past would you like to change/do over again?: All the little things that ended up having big consequences.

What would you say your greatest fear(s) is?: The thought of eternity.

Would you say you’re more of a loner, or a people-person?: Loner.

How arrogant would you say you are?: I am more arrogant that you can immagine. I am a narcissist and I'm not afraid to admit it either.

If someone said something rude to you, would you walk away from it or carry it further?: I'd walk away. They're not worth my time.

How do you feel about your family?: Dear family,
Thank you for letting me live with you for so many years, but you are all ignorant, prejudice, stereotypical, and I need some space away from you.

How important is money to you?: You need it to live. People say you can't buy happiness, but when you can't find it anywhere else, money helps.

What would say your biggest plans/dreams are?: I'd love to make professional music videos or commercials that get aired on TV in the future.

+The Band+

What are your top five favourite Linkin Park songs and why?:
It's Going Down (Mike's flow and rhythm is so amazing)
Papercut (Spectacular lyrics and the music is great)
Cure for the Itch (Mr. Hahn is so talented)
Part of Me (One of the songs I can relate to most)
Pushing Me Away [the Reanimation version] (My favorite song to hear live)

What is your favourite Linkin Park album and why?: Reanimation. It has a more hip hop/electronic vibe that I love. It has the most unique sound out of all their albums.

What's your favourite LP music video and why?: Crawling because I fell in love with Linkin Park when I saw it for the first time.

Who is your favourite member of the band and why?: All of them have their quirks that I like, but if I had to choose it would be Mike Shinoda. He has so much talent and creativity and he really seems like an unbelievably nice guy.


(I'm the middle)

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